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“Control Issues”

Updated: Mar 3, 2023

As artists we always want to control.

But why? What is that about for us?

Does it really serve us to be seeking control... or at some level aren’t we just looking for safety?

After all, our career challenges can make us feel insecure, fearful and anxious a LOT of the time!

A little safety doesn’t seem like a bad thing does it?

Hands on the Steering Wheel!

Hands on The Steering Wheel!

Of course we want our hands on the steering wheel as much as possible!

After all we want to be able to shape our work, our art, our music.

That's important and it makes sense..

... but so often we end up in conflict with our collaborators, our team members, with the people that are helping us achieve our goals.

Losing Control Of the Vehicle!

Why do we end up in conflict?

  • Because we don’t want to lose control

  • Because their actions don’t seem to have our best interest at heart..

  • Because we don’t trust them to understand what we want

  • Because we fear they will try and change or modify what we are seeking to create!

ALL fear based thinking and behaviour… correct?

Losing Control of the Vehicle

Fear Is Driving the Vehicle!

In truth FEAR is at the basis of our desire to “control”.

All negotiations or collaborations are asking us to extend past our desire to control everything in our project and so can bring up a really deep seated fear that we wont have our hands on the steering wheel anymore..

BUT anytime I've ever had REAL success in the music industry there has been a WHOLE TEAM of people involved!

And working with people involved TRUST does it not?

Trust Isn’t a Four Letter Word!

What if we TRUSTED the universe a little more?

What is we TRUSTED ourselves a little more?

After all as artists we are ALWAYS in control we have the final say!

What if we start from the position that people are trying to help us?

What if the universe is on our side?

What if we don't have to come from a FEAR mentality belief or behaviour but one of COURAGE AND TRUST?

It would actually make us :

  1. makes us easier to work with

  2. attracts a higher level of people to our project...

  3. trust our intuitive a whole lot more….

Now that seems like something work working on does it not?


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