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Building your music brand with Micah Barnes

Building Your Artist Brand

Understanding, Focusing & Communicating Your ARTIST IDENTITY!

4 Week Online Workshop with Micah Barnes!

Are you struggling with online momentum and growing your numbers?

Are you having trouble figuring out the best release strategies for your music?

Are you feeling stuck and like the competition is passing you by?


This workshop with Micah Barnes of Singers Playground will provide you with the tools you need to kick start your career and gain the momentum your looking for!

Building your artist brand with Singers Playground

I promise you once you better understand your Artist Identity… ALL the hard decisions will come easier!


  • Online followers will start to build faster


  • Release Strategies will become more effective 


  • Team building in the industry will get easier…


  • And... best of all... communicating your music to the world will become a creative endeavor and not a chore!

Not sure if this workshop is for you?
Lets Talk! Sign up here for a free 15 minute consultation with Micah!

The key to a healthy music career is having a powerful brand.

In fact your Artist Identity is the key to EVERYTHING in your career!

But its also the hardest part of the puzzle to solve on our own!

Labels and managers used to help artist develop their brands. 

Thats no longer the case and now artists are left on our own to figure it out.

This 4 week course with music industry coach Micah Barnes will get you moving in the right directions and answering the key questions you need to have figured out about your Artist Brand!

Happy to answer any questions you may have - Email me and lets talk!

“Building Your Artist Brand”
4 Week workshop with Micah Barnes
Saturdays at NOON over Zoom
  Starts Feb 4th $452 (HST included)

Micah Barnes & Singers Playground has supported hundred’s of artists in the music industry from complete beginners to Grammy, Emmy & Juno winners! Micah’s passion is helping artists gain mastery over their careers. 

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