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Common Singer Problems & Solutions!

1) "My voice gets sore when I sing. What am I doing wrong"?

2) "I strain whenever I try and hit the high notes. How can I make that easier"?

3) "How can I expand my range"?

These are the three questions are what I hear the most as a Vocal Coach.

And funnily enough, in my experience, the solution to all three questions is to work on releasing tension from the singers voice technique.

Sometimes that's easier said than done, BUT working on Vocal Technique is often about "letting go" of old patterns and habits that are not serving us.

We develop bad habits when we push and strain for results, ending up using our throat muscles or our abdomen muscles to grip and squeeze out the sound.

That might get us the notes in the short run, but healthy long term vocal technique is all about relaxed vocal production!

I always thank Peggy Redmond for teaching me to hear the tension in singers vocal technique, and for showing me the many different approaches for liberating vocal production!

Here's a little chat about "best practices" for vocal performances from our new Singers Playground YouTube Channel! (don't forget to "like', "Comment & Subscribe"!)

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