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What Every Singer Should Know About Stage Fright

I Started With Extreme Stage Fright !

SO, as you can imagine, I've had a very STEEP learning curve in my performing career...

Which is why I love supporting my fellow artists with hard learned "tips and tricks" for conquering Stage Fright!

We Want Control in an Uncontrollable Situation!

Of course as Artists we want to do the BEST JOB possible.

Which makes us seek control of our singing..

But in Live Performance there are so many elements that could go WRONG: (Our Voice, The Monitors, The Soundsystem, The Soundperson, The Audience, The Band etc.)


SO MANY elements that are OUT OF OUR CONTROL!

If It’s Not “Perfect” Then We’re Failing!

And of course the minute anything isn't "going well" our self talk will sink us faster than a bad note!

SO clearly our #1 Job is to LET GO and SURRENDER to our lack of control!

(Watch how that releases a whole lot of tension!)

Surrendering Control Is The Secret!

Yes it Is! Make friends with being "out of control" and be willing to let go of "Making It Perfect" ..and just watch your performances grow more liberated over time!

I promise you that surrendering CONTROL is the key to increased freedom on stage!!

Performance Intensive

By the way I designed Performance Intensive to help support Singers over their Stage Fright Issues!

Have a peek at this Video and lets chat about YOU jumping into a class!

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