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Private Sessions

One-on-One with Singers Playground Coaches

Sometimes a private coaching session is the most effective way to work on the Vocal, Performance, and Career challenges that we face as Artists.

We can meet at Pink Light Stage in Toronto or work over the internet (Zoom, FaceTime & Skype) for private sessions... Best to start with an e-mail chat.


Let me know the challenges you are experiencing & let's see if a one-on-one session is the best way to support your growth.

Please Note: When booking private session Singers Playground has a 24 hour cancellation policy. Please inform us of scheduling conflicts as early as possible. We do make consideration for extreme illness or weather conditions. You can find our policies page here for more details.

Free 15-Minute Consultation with Micah Barnes

 This consultation with Singers Playground Founder Micah Barnes is designed for you to discuss your challenges so Micah can better recommend which Singers Playground services might support your development. 

Once a dedicated time has been confirmed we will send Zoom link to your email address.


Private Sessions with Micah Barnes

 Private coaching session with Singers Playground Founder Micah Barnes!  

75 minutes / ONLINE or IN PERSON

Nice Price (age 18-26) - $150 CAD

Single Session - $225 CAD

Double Sessions - $400 CAD

*Payment due prior to session start.

We also accept payment by online banking. Please send payment to

Micah Photo LILAC BG_edited.jpg

Held at 
Pink Light Stage
202 Bathurst Street Toronto, 
M6K 1Y1 (just north of Queen St West)

or via Zoom 

A Few Things to Consider

  • Voice Production: 

    • Do you have a solid command of the mechanics of singing?

    • Do you understand breathing and resonance?

    • Do you need to build range, tone and flexibility? 

    • What kind of warm up are you using and are you getting the best results? 

    • All of these things are essential to good vocal health in a vocalists long term career. 

  • Physical Relaxation: 

    • Are you physically centered and relaxed when you work or are you straining, pushing and tensing while you are singing?

    • How do you approach the act of singing?

    • Full of anxiety or full of joy and freedom?

    • We can set you up with exercises that will remind you to use a relaxed approach while singing. 

  • Stage Craft: 

    • Are you making a relationship with the audience?

    • How can you develop a stronger way of reaching and holding an audience?

    • What are your fears in performance and how are they holding you back?

    • Does Stage Fright stop you from taking on new opportunities to perform? 

  • Career Strategy: 

    • Is your career where you want it to be?

    • What are the challenges facing you at this time?

    • What are your dreams and what exactly are you doing to get yourself there?

    • Do you know how to build a team that is right for you?

    • We can build a step by step strategy for you to follow and get you moving on your path! 

  • Material Selection: 

    • Are the songs you are performing right for you?

    • Are you working in the correct keys for your voice?

    • Are you connected to the material and able to get deep inside of the emotional world of the song?

    • Does your song selection liberate the "real you" in your singing?  

  • Material Development: 

    • Are you a songwriter who is looking to create your own material?

    • What are the skills you presently bring to your song writing collaborations?

    • What skill set do you need to deepen to be a better collaborator?

    • We can have a look and listen to what you have developed so far. 

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