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Team Building In The Music Industry!

Updated: Aug 17, 2023

I’ve been thinking a lot about how we gather a team around our music!

Of course, we ALL would love to have more support, but it's hard to know when our project is ready for industry professionals to get involved.

Let's have a little look at who the potential members of your team might be..and when it might be best to reach out to them, shall we?

Recording studio

When Am I Ready for a Producer?

Producers are most useful when we have already figured out at least some of what our brand identity as an artist is going to be and developed enough material on our own to have a pretty good idea of the direction of our music and what kind of recordings we are looking to do budget-wise. Otherwise, we are handing too many important decisions to a producer, who after all may only be a “gun for hire” for this one collaboration!

When Am I Ready For A Manager?

We don’t want to be working with a manager before figuring out some of the basics about who we are musically, otherwise, they can have too much power over our direction. The best time to start a relationship with a Manager is when there is either too much stuff to do on your own OR when that strategic relationship will deepen your reach in the business to a better level of support. And remember when you are working with a manager WE always retain our position of being the ultimate decision-maker for our career. Their job is to help advise NOT steer the ship!

When Am I Ready For A Publicity Person?

Publicity people are most useful when there is a finished product, (music or a video) to promote and your release strategies in place. Once you know your release date is generally the time to contact and start the relationship. It's sometimes helpful to have their input on your release strategy and to lean on their experience in helping you make more informed marketing decisions. Publicity folks have different strengths so make sure you are super clear and start your expectations!

When Am I Ready For An Agent?

Agents really only come on board when there is enough money being made by the artist that their percentage will be worth their time. Pretty simple eh?

When Am I Ready For a Publisher?

Publishers help us manage and exploit our copyrights and further the reach of our songs to make money. Publishing deals generally happen when there are enough copyrights out there generating income already!

When Am I ready For A Label?

These days Labels generally come on board when an act has already been proven in the marketplace. There are always some exceptions to this rule. Keep in mind that an artist who is signed before having proven themselves in the marketplace often ends up with little or less clout in terms of decisions about their career... and sometimes little or NO artist control. Of course, these days artists have all kinds of ways that we can create and prove our momentum with audiences, and that gives us potential power in the relationship once we are working with a label. I hope this Blog has been helpful! I always offer a free consult to new clients so we can discuss the challenges you may be having in your career.

#Coaching Is My Jam

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