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Building Confidence on Stage: The Breakthrough Sessions at The Singer's Playground - With Associate Coach Cameron Tania

Stepping onto the stage can be daunting for anyone, regardless of experience. Whether you're a seasoned performer or a newcomer, dealing with nerves is inevitable. But how can you practice performing while grappling with those nerves? While open mics offer a platform to showcase new material, they often lack the structure for receiving constructive feedback and refining one's skills.

Enter The Breakthrough Sessions at The Singer's Playground—a tailored solution for performers seeking to conquer stage fright and hone their craft. Created to provide a supportive environment, our workshops offer a space for experimentation, learning from mistakes, receiving valuable feedback, and refining performance skills in front of a peer audience. 

Through these sessions, performers can practice their artistry while navigating the inevitable nerves, knowing it's a safe space to make mistakes, learn and grow. Witnessing remarkable confidence growth among our participants, we extend a warm invitation to aspiring artists eager to enhance their stage presence.

Join us for our upcoming Breakthrough Session on April 13th at The Pink Light Stage in Toronto, from 12-3pm. Open to performers aged 14-28, this session promises an enriching experience. For those outside the age range, feel free to reach out about our specialized Kids or Adult Performance Classes. Don't let nerves hold you back—empower yourself to shine on stage.

-Associate Coach Cameron Tania

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