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What Kind Of Singer Are You?

In my experience there are 3 distinct kinds of Singers in this world. Lets have a look at them shall we?

“The Perfect Plan Singer”

The Perfect Plan Singer has got every step of their career mapped out in their head. How they will sound, what they will wear, where their career is going every step of the way. .

But often they have very little of that plan actualized in the world. And of course it's super hard to get started when we are expecting ourselves to enact a “perfect plan” isn't it? (Real life doesn’t work like that!)

So the "Perfect Plan Singer" often comes up frustrated with a lack of forward motion, feeling "stuck" and frustrated.

"Fly By The Seat Of Their Pants" Singer

The “Fly By The Seat Of Their Pants Singer” is big on instinct- but weak on organization or self discipline.

They have big big dreams but no clue how to make them a reality, so they take giant stab now and then and when it doesn’t all “click” at once, retreat into “failure”... wondering why nothing is happening in their career!

In fact this singer usually feels that a "step by step" plan would be uncreative and boring and dull!

"The Slow & Steady Singer"

Someone who is willing to work at their craft and their career on a daily basis, setting realistic goals and putting daily non-negotiables in place to help them achieve those goals... An artist with an overall game plan but who is open to learning and discovering new approaches as they go.

The Slow and Steady Singer might get "stuck" but they have non-negotiables in place which help them get moving even when it doesn't look or feel like BIG dramatic "wins" everyday ... they are still moving forward and still "in the game"!

I say all this without judgement, after all each of us is built differently, learns differently and has something different and unique to give to the world...BUT my question to you is which singer feels like its you right now....

.... And which singer do you want to be?


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