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Know Your Leverage!

A lot of times we Artists don’t have a realistic view of our bargaining position when we get into a business situation.

Of course, we artists tend to think passionately, instinctively, and creatively... and that's generally a good thing….

That can hurt us in the long run - as it can make us seem unfocused, immature, and less professional than we want to appear!

An artist with unrealistic expectations in a given situation is an artist who doesn’t know their leverage...

...and that can cause us a whole lot of heartache and pain- especially when we don’t get what we feel we deserve!

Getting Realistic

Music Industry folks need artists to be as clear as possible about what is working and what still needs development in our project.

Sometimes they can help us put the missing element in place but it’s rare that anyone will take the time to sit down and walk an artist through the “problem areas”...

...and the hardest thing for them to deal with is an artist who is “blind” to their strengths and weaknesses!

SO that means it's your job to be gathering information about what's working and what isn’t!

Change your perspective

Changing Your Perspective

If you can take a moment to see yourself and your project from THEIR perspective … will gain information that will be invaluable to you in your business dealings.

Are you really and truly ready for the goal you are seeking in this situation?

You may be missing an important element that you are not aware of…

And that effectively means you have less “leverage” than you need...

(but only at this moment in time!!)

Knowledge Is Power!

Is your singing voice the strongest it can be?

Is your material as developed as possible?

Are your finished tracks competitive in the marketplace?

Do your socials properly reflect your artist identity?

How strong is your live show?

Be willing to honestly ask these hard questions of yourself and others who know your project.

We may not like to hear it but…knowing what “still needs work” is deeply valuable information...

That way we can go about the business of putting the missing elements in place!

Put the pieces together

Asking “What would I need to have in place before you would work with me?” is often the best approach to figuring out where your focus is going to serve you the most!

Just be ready to hear the answer and “do the work’!

Let me know if this BLOG has been helpful! #CoachingIsMyJam

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